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Whether commercial or residential, real estate firms, funds, and consultants are elevating their market analysis with GIS

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The future success of retail, real estate, and restaurants will largely depend on the competitive advantages gained from investing in and implementing smart technology.

Investment Analysis

Every property has a coordinate, making it easy to visualize assets and investment opportunities. However, identifying property investment opportunities goes beyond location; it’s about understanding why certain properties are more or less attractive.

Whether it’s shared workspaces, data centers, or shopping mall locations, incorporating spatial variables into your analysis is essential.

Site Planning

For Commercial Real Estate developers, using multiple location data streams in the site selection process is crucial for understanding catchment and trade areas for final clients.

Whether it's for retail sites, corporate offices, or industrial units, incorporating new datasets on consumer insights and human mobility can be the key to justifying pricing and closing deals over competitors.

Trade Area Analysis

Understanding the spatial context is crucial to the commercial real estate market. An inadequate business location can determine the success or failure of a business, regardless of the quality of its products or services.

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