New in Atlas: Flexible Popups

Vegard J. Løwe

Co-Founder & COO

New in Atlas: Flexible Popups

Build your entirely own popup for map features!

With our newly designed popups you can easily display specifics such as sales volumes at various retail locations, population counts at distinct coordinates, or even the dominant demographics within a selected region.

Customizing Popups

Creating popups have never been easier. Simply navigate to a layer's styling options, access the Popup tab, and from there, choose both the content and stylistic presentation for your popups. Whether these insightful windows open through a direct click or a subtle hover, the control is at your fingertips.

Build your popups by the following components:

  • Text: Utilize our advanced rich-text editor to incorporate textual information in a diverse array of styles and formats, bringing narrative context to your data points.
  • Image: Embed images effortlessly using a direct URL or link to dynamic fields within your dataset's attributes, creating a visual connection to the data.
  • Field list: Display a neatly arranged table outlining feature properties. Handpick the fields that resonate most with your narrative and convey them succinctly.

All components are enabled with dynamic fields from your dataset's attributes, ensuring each Pop-up is populated with data specific to each feature. The outcome is a highly interactive and personal user experience that renders each interaction informative and visually engaging.

Use Cases for Custom Pop-ups

With such versatile personalization, pop-ups can serve a multitude of scenarios, including:

  • Real Estate Platforms: Detailing property information, historical prices, and neighborhood demographics for potential buyers or renters.
  • Retail Analytics: Providing insights into customer traffic, regional sales trends, and local competition for business strategists.
  • Environmental Studies: Reporting on habitat characteristics, conservation status, or pollution levels for researchers and policy makers.
  • Urban Planning: Visualizing infrastructure growth, zoning areas, and public service distribution for city planners and community organizers.
  • Tourism and Event Planning: Highlighting points of interest, historical facts, or event locations for tourists and event coordinators.

Want to Try it Out?

We invite you to explore the power of customizable Popups. Whether you're a GIS expert, an environmental enthusiast, or a professional navigating urban development, this feature is here to revolutionize the way you interact with maps.

Welcome to a new era of map interaction!

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