Energy & Infrastructure

Reduce churn, accelerate renewable projects & make your grid smarter through spatial analysis

Optimize operations and efficiency

The future success of energy and infrastructure projects relies on smart technology investments and innovative solutions for a competitive edge.

Site selection

For renewable energy developers, using multiple location data streams in the site selection process is crucial for understanding catchment and trade areas for final clients.

Whether it's for solar farms, wind turbines, or hydro power projects, evaluating the best location for renewable energy projects can be the key to justifying pricing and closing deals over competitors.

Network Planning

With increasingly complex networks and limited resources, utility companies need alternatives to traditional GIS solutions that offer greater functionality, flexibility, and seamless connectivity to existing systems. Whether deploying new pipelines or modernizing your grid, Atlas can help you manage your network more efficiently.

Energy production estimates

Visualize solar layout in 3D and make energy production estimates.

Early estimations help you plan and optimize solar installations effectively, ensuring maximum efficiency and return on investment.

Shade analysis

Display the shade coverage or the number of sunlight hours on specific dates. Simply select the date you want to analyze for detailed insights.

Designed to be easily updated

Web maps are live assets designed to be edited, and any changes will be automatically updated synced across all members.

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