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Workspace Data

Share data within your organization and sync it across projects

Workspace Data

Shared Datasets

Workspace Data represents shared datasets that are available to the entire workspace and synced across projects.

This could include foundational maps, reference layers, or any other geospatial information that is relevant across different projects.

When any modifications are made to the Workspace Data within a specific project, these changes are automatically synchronized and reflected across all other projects sharing the same dataset. This synchronization mechanism ensures that all members within the workspace are consistently working with the most up-to-date information.

Members within the workspace have universal access to the shared data. This accessibility promotes collaboration and reduces redundancy, as everyone involved in various projects can leverage the same set of consistent and synchronized geospatial information.

How to import Workspace Data

  1. Navigate to the Workspace Data by clicking on Add Data and then the Workspace Data tab
  2. Browse through the list of datasets available in your workspace

    a. If you do not see any datasets, you can upload them by navigating to Home and then Datasets

    b. Identify and select dataset you want to add to your project

  3. Once they are added to the project they are visible in the map. Notice the Workspace tag displayed below the Layer name
  4. You can now make edits and modifications to the imported Workspace Data. These changes are synced to all other projects sharing the same dataset

Notice that if you share a project that includes Workspace Data, the Workspace Data is not available for the user unless they have access to the same workspace that own the data.

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