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The new standard for GIS software. Simple and powerful. Step into Atlas to explore, analyze and share geospatial data.

Atlas is how teams work with geospatial data and share their results.

The Most Powerful GIS
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Connected to your data. Delightful to share. Collaborate spatially without installing software.

For every planner,
make maps with ease

Build interactive maps that explains your data and encourage users to explore.

Analyze data

Analyze data

Understand your data in the context of location using intuitive analysis tools

Visualize trends

Visualize trends

Create maps that uncover spatial patterns and trends

Foster collaboration

Foster collaboration

Facilitate teamwork and information sharing among GIS professionals, stakeholders and the community

Engage stakeholders

Engage stakeholders

Present plans and proposals in an easily understandable and accessible format


Great software doesn’t
have to be expensive


Our essential plan are a self-service solution for businesses to explore, analyze and share geospatial data.

  • Unlimited maps
  • Share privately and/or publicly
  • Image & PDF exports
  • Upload any geo format
  • Spatial analysis
  • Embed maps
  • Comments


Our premium solution to manage the complexities of scaling geospatial databases and platform needs.

  • Role-based access control
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Training & onboarding
  • Priority support
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Custom datasets
  • Embed without Atlas logo

Agency Accounts

Are you an agency or service provider? Join our partner program to gain access to a free service partner account, exclusive features, and commission opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

We’re here to help with any questions you have about plans, pricing, and supported features.


What’s a workspace?

In Atlas, workspaces are a designated space for projects, files, basemaps, and color palettes shared across a group of people. Members can create as many workspaces as they need. They can join multiple workspaces, making it possible to work cross-functionally and share resources.

What kind of support does Atlas provide?

Atlas doesn't offer product support via phone or live chat. The support team is available Monday through Friday, with the exception of any observed company holidays. The best way to contact support is to contact help@atlas.co.

Can I share my maps publicly?

Every Atlas project allows public sharing by default. Public links are a great way to share resources with people outside your organization, or with colleagues who don't have an Atlas account. People often share maps publicly to get feedback and engage stakeholders and the community.

Do viewers of my maps need a separate plan?

No. Atlas offers unlimited free commenters and viewers for all plans.

Is there an Educational license?

Yes! Atlas is completely free to use in the classroom, and you can request a semester pass by reaching out to us.

Do you offer a non-profit discount?

Yes! Atlas is completely free to use for non-profits that has initatives that relates to one or more of the UN Development Goals. You can request an annual pass by reaching out to us.

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