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Upload data with url

Upload geo files through an external url directly into Atlas

Upload data with url

Upload with URL can upload all of the common GIS file types, and some more!

Supported URLs

Google Sheets

You can upload any Google Sheet link, and these will behave just like a regular spreadsheet. Just remember to click “Anyone with this link can view”. Copy and paste the link, and ensure the link have the id to the spreadsheet on this format:{spreadsheet_id}

If it still does not work as expected, see our Troubleshooting Guide

ESRI Mapserver & FeatureServer

You can download the data from an ESRI Mapserver or FeatureServer directly into your project or workspace with only an URL. However, you need to be cautious when using this feature:

  1. URL’s ending in a number /MapServer/0, will add layer number 0, and download it as a dataset
  2. URL’s without the number, so ending in /MapServer or /FeatureServer points to the entire server, which may contain many layers. This will try to download all the layers in the server in multiple datasets.

The ESRI MapServer and FeatureServer limits the number of downloadable features, so you might not get all the files existing in the layer.

Accessing GeoFiles Hosted on a URL

For most scenarios, accessing GeoFiles via a URL is straightforward. However, if the GeoFiles are hosted on GitHub, the process requires a specific approach. Standard URLs will not suffice for accessing these files. Instead, you must navigate to the "Raw" version of the file on GitHub, click on the "Raw" button, and then copy the URL from this page for uploading.

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