New Year, New Atlas!

Vegard J. Løwe

Co-Founder & COO

New Year, New Atlas!

New year, new Atlas!

Welcome to the revamped Atlas Platform 🚀

As the world steps into a new year, we're excited to announce a transformation that's been in the works here at Atlas - a complete overhaul of our platform that's been engineered to break down previous barriers and unlock a whole new level of map-making!

Faster and More Robust Performance

At the heart of this transformation is our reimagined infrastructure. We've dug deep into the architecture of Atlas to root out inefficiencies and limitations, allowing us to stitch together a foundation that's not just robust but also scalable to your needs.

Expect a GIS experience that's smoother, more reliable, and primed to handle the most data-intensive tasks with ease.

New Spatial Analyses

Our promise of delivering cutting-edge functionality is now a reality. With the revamped Atlas platform, we've introduced a suite of advanced GIS operations that will help you gain deeper insights and visualize spatial data more creatively and effectively. This means more powerful analysis tools, dynamic mapping capabilities, and innovative data management solutions - all at your fingertips.

Spatial Join

Join two datasets based on their spatial relationship.

Segment Lines

Segment lines into equal length segments.

Divide by Geometry

Divide a dataset into multiple datasets based on geometry type.

New Styling Panel

We have entirely rethought how you should style different layers. No longer are you confined to adjusting polygons, lines, and points individually. Our intuitive system empowers you to select datasets and manipulate their properties holistically.

Specify fill and outline styles, and watch as our intelligent platform auto-detects and applies your desired styles across varying geometries for a seamless styling process.

Informative Popups on Click or Hover

It’s now easier than ever before displaying specific information on dynamic maps with our latest improvements to pop-ups. Customize your map to present descriptive layers effectively—whether highlighting trails for an outdoor adventure or delineating zones based on land usage or economic statistics like unemployment figures.

Our pop-ups are not just informative but also visually engaging, capable of embedding captivating images, concise text, and even hyperlinks to external resources, all contributing to an interactive and enriched mapping experience.

Even More User-friendly

We know that the true power of a GIS platform lies not just in its technical powers but also in its usability. That's why we've poured a tremendous amount of thought into rebuilding the user interface from the ground up.

The new interface boasts a cleaner, more intuitive design that simplifies how you navigate the platform and interact with spatial data.

It's all about making your workflow as seamless as possible.

Time to Start Making!

We can talk a lot more about the technical aspects of the new version of Atlas, but it’s best that you just feel the difference.

So on that note, this is our cue to stop talking and let you do the creating! Have fun 😊

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