Introducing Map Comments

Vegard J. Løwe

Co-Founder & COO

Introducing Map Comments

Say goodbye to lengthy email threads or disparate conversations that lack context.

Map Comments bring real-time collaboration directly onto your maps. With a few clicks, you can engage in dynamic discussions, share feedback, and exchange insights, all in the context of the mapped data.

Real-time Discussions

In a fast-paced environment, real-time decision-making is non-negotiable. Our Map Comments support instantaneous feedback. This swift exchange of ideas facilitates quicker resolutions and smarter actions based on collective insights.

The interface seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow. Adding comments is as simple as pinpointing a location on the map and typing your thoughts. The threaded format organizes discussions, making it easy to follow conversations and contribute meaningfully.

Threads and Efficient Resolution

We understand the importance of coherent conversations, which is why threads play a crucial role. Users can initiate or contribute to discussions, allowing for a structured exchange of ideas without cluttering the map interface.


Resolving threads is a simple yet powerful function embedded in the feature. It enables users to bring closure to discussions or issues that have been adequately addressed. With the ability to mark threads as resolved, the clutter diminishes, providing a clean map interface focused on the most pertinent and active discussions.

Community Engagement

The versatility of Map Comments extends beyond team discussions. It's an ideal tool for field experts, researchers, urban planners, or educators to impart knowledge, collaborate remotely, or gather community feedback. The possibilities are endless.

By providing a platform for engaging discussions and analysis, we aim to elevate user engagement and participation. Whether it's pinpointing environmental changes, proposing urban development plans, or analyzing land cover shifts, Map Comments facilitate a comprehensive and interactive experience.

Adding Comments to the Map

Adding a comment to the map is a straightforward process designed to enhance user interaction and collaboration.

  1. Locate the area of interest on the map
  2. Simply click on the Add comment button
  3. Click on the specific point where you want to leave a comment
  4. Type your comment and press Enter to create a new discussion

Comments on Public Maps

In line with our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, our Map Comments feature extends its functionality to welcome comments from visitors without registered accounts. For public maps, we understand the importance of gathering diverse insights and feedback. Hence, we've enabled the option for anonymous users to contribute to discussions, fostering a more extensive and varied dialogue.

Visitors exploring public maps can leave comments or replies as anonymous users, ensuring that everyone, regardless of registration status, can participate in discussions. This approach encourages broader community engagement, allowing individuals from different backgrounds, expertise, or interests to share their perspectives on the mapped data.

Want to Try it Out?

We invite you to explore the power of Map Comments. Whether you're a GIS expert, an environmental enthusiast, or a professional navigating urban development, this feature is here to revolutionize the way you interact with maps.

Welcome to a new era of map interaction!

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