Atlas Core Network



Even at this point of the blockchain ecosystem’s growth, which is still performing modest steps of mass acceptance, we all recognize a massive potential. The ability to completely change our world within the next decade.

We are trying to secure ourselves with an infinite number of useful algorithmic solutions, where each offers a healing patch for a myriad of societal wounds. For the moment, let’s think of this technology as a deliberately opened doorway with the opportunity of reshaping our way of thinking to a new everlasting paradigm...

We do want to discover, and perhaps, predict the path, which this unstoppable wave of creativity might take us and our creations to.

We also want to know how it will change the face of so many industries as we know them so we adapt this rapid pace of expansion to the slow, yet, thoughtful evolution of the nature.

With that in mind, how else will this boom of informational technology can affect our planet? In order to understand that we should dive into the origin of what kind of blessing rain feeds this ocean and, more likely, will continue with very insignificant weather change.

The Chain of Blocks

Blockchain is an old concept implemented only recently within a global web. It helps to create a network of various uses, which strength consists mainly on three whales – its very core decentralization, a verification algorithm, which essentially provides a trust-less process of exchanging information or performing various agreements between multiple parties, and finally – an immutable database with no single center of management or decision making.

Some people will draw a visible line between blockchain as a technology and solutions designed within the network, claiming that any invention is simply a nicely crafted tool based on something greater than just an unregulated border-less mean of financial communication.

Yet everybody will agree that besides breathable air, water, food and safety there is one single item very equally vital for us to exist within close to this ~8 billion sized pack, of so-called “humans”.

This item with certain characteristics, tangible or physical, used for a process of exchanging various goods or services, also known as “Money,” plays third, or in some cases, even the first role in everything we do within a fight octagon of our society, everywhere we follow our leaders or dictate our will as ones.

To this day, the best known financial exchange mechanism in the world is aiming to its peak creating a wave of adopters worldwide. We call it “Bitcoin” and seems like it is here to stay for a little longer than warring parties expected.

With all the wonders it has brought us, how can such growth should be sustained? After all – Even a small insignificant sudden change of the vital organs will lead to hosts paralysis.

Many factors repeatedly inform us back to the reality that such a promising, integral financial component should stay intact and become adopted with all the imperfections as we known them. A very rare exception where quantity stands over quality. Thus It should remain to be Proved by Work, as this method has it’s own heart placed within no reach to a direct player.

It is not about the stake, but rather how easy it is to take it and replace it with a rotten egg.

Already within the network we have designed various support instruments, each aimed at something different. We call them distributed computing platforms, a decentralized operation system.

Strongest are still being proved by the work of many bees. And billions of artificial loyal hungry workers are constantly looking for a flower field...

We have these fields in abundance and now it can be used for good if only we do not crack the firmament by polishing it with our ambitions, as we only can feed so many.
Yet single planetary scale decentralized network might be just enough.