atlas.co is a passion project dreamed up by Kara and Nate and brought to life by a talented team of developers and designers. Our goal is to help you display memories of your favorite locations as beautiful wall art. We've started with a small, curated set of different maps styles, but this is only the beginning. We're excited to bring you along for the ride!


The Creators

👋 We're Kara and Nate. High school sweet hearts from Nashville, TN whose shared love of travel has lead us on the adventure of a lifetime. In 2016 we quit our jobs to spend one year traveling around the world. Five years later, we still haven't stopped! Over the last four years we've visited 100 countries, and been fortunate enough to build an awesome community of 1.9 million subscribers on our YouTube channel. If you're new here and you want the full story you can check out our 100 Country Documentary.

Like most people 2020 completely flipped our world upside down. Our international travel came to a halt, but now we're happily exploring our own back yard (the U.S.A.) in a converted sprinter van. 

Since we aren't crisscrossing the globe on a weekly basis in 2020, we have a little more time on our hands which we've used to bring fun projects like this to life!

Thanks for checking out atlas.co :) 



Kara and Nate