Atlas corporation

To pursue the ultimate



“We’re all in search to be a part OF something Vital. with AN AUDACITY be called the most important ASPECT OF existence.
when Saturated by THE meaning THERE’ll never be a need to find replaceMENT.
It has been hidden safely from AN EYE WITH GOAL OF PURity TO BE INTACT.
only by doing SUCH A WORK of life your time WILL not be spent on sins or vanity of else.

NATURE’s CHAOTIC movement BASED ON a fundament of constant evolution cannot be intertwined WITH industry AChievements
WITH a destructive human will of ”organizing parts in line” IT IS forbidden to disrupt a flow WE SET by starving mind of innovators.
Impossible to isolate with danger of combining we dance on SPOTLESS edge in deadly WALTZ. Technology and life.
AND EVEN IF this couple cannot in peace live alongside, a tempting play of genuine and artificial
can add a central meaning at our own divisiveness of minds…

An Atlas Core, a WEB of hosting CELLS WAS built to STORE potential of planet scale computing power brain.
respecting beauty OF THE scale in nature’s WAYS, An industry we choose to share our LIvEs is global ENERGY NETWORK. a RAPID START AS unit GROWN BY many DIFFERENT souls which think of not “the search”
but make alignment OF the dance A LITTLE better.
the planet owns the spirit and in this we have the way - provide conditions where required for growing need of INNOVATION.

“The Brain”, “The Soul”, “The Instrument”
a global calculation task machine has been deployed to own the stars and reach horizons and now its heart is growing.
destined to hold an earth on Atlas SHOULDERS it will support THE constant solving questions flow, it will create civilization’s safety CUSHION on which an industry can settle blooming madness.

We BRAND AND TAILOR things BUT those are aimed to bring us ONLY power.
TO OVERCOME A HOLD which was designed to suit this rapid hungry pace of OUR impulse.
We SIMPLY want to solve too much too quickly despite of being RIGHTLY chained by thoughtfulness of the CREATOR.
THIS HOLD cannot BE BROKEN within the limits of a human mind thus we establish faster flash of thought by making different kind.

a CHARACTER WHO’VE MADE PERFORMANCE as his major joy. a kind who’s ready to IGNITe in craft, Do not try to hold an urge of GETTING to the peak of your potential. illuminate the need of serving. be A PART.

where each and everyone will have an act to play
a dance to learn
to give a gift and become gifted.”