We are very sad to report that Atlas Informatics is shutting down. 

Atlas was born to solve the growing pain of digital chaos that we all feel in our lives. We joined the fight because we saw information overload as a righteous cause. Users who wish to finish their last searches should do so before October 25, 2017. To ensure your privacy, all system data will be electronically shredded on Thursday, October 26, 2017.

Although your Atlas index will not be available, your files, websites, email and chats on your personal hard drives or cloud accounts will not be impacted by the shutdown - it will just be harder to find them. 

While we had to shut down Atlas, we are nevertheless very proud of what we achieved, and we are all looking forward to building future innovations with the goal of improving people’s lives.  Our biggest and deepest thank you to all of the employees, customers, friends and family that have sacrificed their time to the dream of Atlas.

The Atlas Team


For customer service, security or business questions, please email info@atlas.co